When you enter your address during the registration process the system will alert you if we do not service the area. We most likely service your area!

You can also reach your SMS® Location to learn more about the specific areas we service.
The free membership plan allows access to our platform to request the SMS® Sitters with a scheduling fee of $20+.

The annual membership fee is $50 and allows access with a $10+ scheduling fee for those who need to use the services more frequently. Annual members get additional access to save and request favorite sitters, book consistent childcare and early bird offers and discounts.

Both memberships can be canceled at anytime. Our Annual members also receive a 30 day reminder of the annual automatic renewal. Annual members can also downgrade to the free membership at any time.
Yes, of course!

You can upgrade from a free to annual membership at anytime. The Annual Membership is $50 once per year and gives you access to $10 scheduling fees when booking a sitter.

You can also downgrade from an annual to a free membership at anytime. The Free Membership does not have an annual charge and the scheduling fee is $20 when booking a sitter.
All active and paid member accounts are transferable. Contact your SMS® Location for assistance.

You can also visit all other SMS® locations with your membership! No extra Membership fees are charged while visiting any location. The fees may be different in other SMS® locations. Be sure to double check the scheduling fees and sitter hourly rates listed in the location you are visiting.

You can use visit another location and book a sitter directly from your SMS® account from any device under the Account Info tab.
Yes, of course! All members can cancel the free or annual membership directly from your account from any device.

Annual members receive an email and text alert 30 days before the automatic renewal date.

Once the renewal fee has been charged to an annual membership, there are no refunds available. Annual members must cancel the membership before the renewal date and transactions are completed.
SMS® is the reason you are here! We recruit, interview, and work with the SMS® Sitters so you continue to receive local, safe and reliable childcare!

Scheduling Fees vary from $10 - $30 depending on the type of membership you have, the service you are requesting and the notice given.

Once SMS® has confirmed your request online, the scheduling fee is non-refundable and cancel fees may apply. Members can cancel pending requests to receive a refund.

See your SMS® location for rates.
Yes! SMS® charges a scheduling fee for each sit date requested online.

We work to confirm you with a sitter and provide backup coverage in case of an emergency or illness.

Scheduling fees are non-refundable once confirmed. Members cancel confirmed requests through their online account at anytime.

Cancel fees apply if within 24hrs notice or less. This fees are transferred to the sitter in place of the sit confirmed.

**Consistent Care requests are handled with care to confirm the least amount of sitters and are non-refundable once submitted.
Additional fees are paid to SMS® and the SMS® Sitters during all holidays and special dates.

Holidays can include Martin Luther King Jr., President's Day, Spring Break, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Day, NYE and other special dates.

Holiday & Special Date fees vary. See your SMS® location for more details.
All sitters are paid in cash, check, Venmo and CashApp at the end of each sit.

If the sitter does not receive the correct compensation by the end of the sit, SMS® will charge the card on file for the remaining balance owed + $5.00 transaction fee.

Should any parking, valet or related fees be charged, the member is required and responsible to reimburse the sitter for all costs involved.
All SMS® Sitters are owed the Full Amount confirmed online from the start time to the requested end time. If a member confirms an SMS® Sit from 6pm - 10pm, the sitter is owed the full amount confirmed online whether they are needed or not. Members who come home early or no longer need the SMS® Sitter 1hr prior or during the sit will still owe for the time confirmed online.
Members who cannot abide by these policies will be terminated immediately and fees will not be refunded.
SMS® does not offer nanny services or placements of any kind. Household cleaning is prohibited.

Our Consistent Childcare services offer families the same sitters throughout the year. We work to locate 2-3 sitters for all your childcare needs and provide backup coverage when needed.

Options available:
Before & After School Care
Evenings and weekends

We accept these requests in advance each season to ensure all families can be confirmed.

January - May, Spring Submissions open early November
June - August, Summer Submissions open early March
September- December Fall Submissions open early July
We do not offer interviews or meet and greets with the SMS® Sitters.

The SMS® Team conducts all on boarding, including an interview with each sitter. Your sitter can be scheduled a half hour before you leave the home for a Hello and walkthrough if preferred.
In order to be confirmed with the sitters you'll need to become a member. Once you've registered and paid the membership fee you can book sitters 24/7/365.
Depending on your childcare needs and whether you can provide a consistent schedule determines how many sitters will be confirmed. Members can request the least amount of sitters through our Consistent Care services.
SMS® cannot offer services to any member if anyone in the home is contagious. Should a child, parent or anyone be ill or contagious in the home during the sit time confirmed online, SMS® requires the member to cancel online immediately.

SMS® fees are non-refundable and cancel fees may apply. SMS® does not participate in the spread of illnesses to sitters, members and the community.
Yes, each sitter is CPR certified, passed a background check, driving record and has a valid drivers license. We also update these certifications ongoing!

All SMS® Sitters can transport children in their vehicle, but cannot drive member vehicles or be driven by members.

Members can install car seats in sitter vehicles or allow sitters to install or pickup as needed.

Should any parking, valet or related fees be charged, the member is required and responsible to reimburse the sitter for all costs involved.
If a sitter conducts any driving during your sit a $0.67 per mile fee is owed

There is an additional $15 fee charged to members who live outside of the SMS® service area or confirm a sitter who is outside the driving distance. The flat fee is paid in addition to the hourly rate owed to the sitter at the end of the sit.

*The $15 mileage fee only applies in Columbus, Cincinnati, Nashville and Raleigh locations.

Members do not have to confirm with these sitters and will see the mileage fee alert when choosing sitters.

If a member is confirmed with a sitter outside of the driving distance and does not want to keep the request, the member can cancel to receive a refund on the scheduling fee.

Should any parking, valet or related fees be charged, the member is required and responsible to reimburse the sitter for all costs involved.
Should any parking, valet or related fees be charged, the member is required and responsible to reimburse the sitter for all costs involved.

SMS® and the sitter are not responsible for parking, valet or related fees during a confirmed sit.
While we cannot guarantee a vaccinated sitter, you are able to see which sitters are vaccinated when you book appointments online. We cannot guarantee a vaccinated sitter will be available if your sitter declines.

SMS® is does NOT authorize refunds to members who need to cancel a confirmed sit for any reason or due to vaccines.